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The Quarter Life Crisis.

Updated: Apr 15

I finally understand why Britney Spears shaved her head in 2007, back then however my younger self was glued to the TV screen with the rest of the world confused as to why the former pop princess was shearing her hair like I had my barbie dolls. To be honest if I had Britney Spears’s 07' rig and my head didn’t look like a baked potato I probably would have given it a crack.

Although not by my own hand, I actually did get an equally bad haircut from a place called Elevation Hair on Glebe Point Road before I left for Costa Rica. In several swift movements of her scissors that curly headed butcher took my confidence and my money. My friends tried to comfort me except for one notorious for her blatant honesty. She simply said, “there's no point in lying, you can’t deny she butchered the poor girl.” I sat on the kitchen floor defeated as they tried to pin it back with bobby pins but unfortunately there was nothing stopping that haircut from being utterly heinous.

Alas my quarter life crisis started with a psychic and a plane ticket. Fortunately I’d already exhausted the partying route after ten years and was looking for more wholesome alternatives which I found in a healthier lifestyle, yoga and meditation. When I returned home to Sydney I went out with friends and we were laughing about the cliche that travel changes you, “I got wanderlust tattooed on my ass” I joked. While I laughed I remembered that just a few days before in New York I almost got a tattoo of a baby dinosaur breaking out of an egg which probably wouldn’t have been much better. The only reason I didn’t was because the hot tattooist called me ‘pollo’ when he could see I was hesitant, having just come from Central America I knew it meant 'chicken' in Spanish and so we flirted instead while he tattooed a cute Panda on my friend’s wrist.

Truthfully I wasn't the same person when I returned home to Sydney, I tried to slip back into my old life but it didn't feel right anymore. I never really thought about it until a friend asked me recently which version of myself was the real me, am I the former party girl or this new health focused hippy. The answer is neither, I hope that I'm considered more than any one thing. I guess it’s a fair question as my behaviour and interests have dramatically shifted in a short period of time. I imagine Britney’s friends also felt confused when she returned home bald from the hairdressers with the light reflecting off her scalp claiming that she had changed. That’s not to say that I’m never going to go out anymore, in fact I did this past Saturday for the first time in months. I didn’t think “I’m back!” I just thought that was fun but that’s not something I want to do all the time anymore.

No one remains the same forever, and to be honest you should probably leave those behind you who do. I think we should re-coin the ‘quarter life crisis’ to “the year for realising stuff" as famously quoted by Kylie Jenner. While 'realising stuff' might look wild on the outside, the only negative consequence I experienced was the aftermath of a terrible haircut.


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