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Jade in Apartment 206

Updated: Apr 15

My friends and I were invited to a party at a penthouse suite overlooking Tamarindo beach by passing travellers. Fresh into our Central American adventure we said yes as a rule of thumb and rocked up to apartment 206 with beer in hand. The owner jade opened the door to welcome us, an older man was leaving and acknowledged us in Spanish, As we entered I couldn't help but notice the intriguing art by the door having never seen anything quite like it. The masked figures had eyes of intensity, their sense of movement captured so beautifully by the use of the artists brushstrokes.

Jade told me the paintings were a depiction of ‘Fiestas de los Diablito’ meaning ‘Festival of the Little Devils’ which is a masked dancing festival in San Jose that represents ancestral spirits and the battle between the diablitos (Boruca Indians) and the toro (Spanish troops). Apparently I had met the artist when we arrived and was disappointed I didn't have the chance to speak to him. Jade was equally interesting, we had been told earlier that she was transgender and Snoop Dogg’s yoga instructor which seemed albeit far-fetched but possible upon meeting her.

From a material perspective the suite was the epitome of success with a grand kitchen, stylised furniture, pool table and view of Tamarindo beach. Jade would intermittently escape to her room and would re-emerge with eyes wired from cocaine. Distant from the drug she walked with exuberant confidence and I sensed that she was accustomed to chaos as she alighted in and out of her bedroom hardly concerned by the strangers sitting in her living room. When she left the room again I took the opportunity to ask our new friends what more they knew of Jade.

An Irish guy I spoke with said he had been partying with Jade for two days. Jade told him she worked in the porn/escort industry. As soon as Jade re-entered he abruptly changed the conversation. As we watched the beautiful Costa Rican sunset from the balcony Jade rolled a joint so loose it was almost as if for the first time. Then putting the joint to her lips she lit the end and drew as if it were oxygen.


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