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A Fortune Foretold | I quit my job because a fortune teller told me to.

Updated: Apr 15

If you’ve read my previous article ‘I quit my job and fled to Costa Rica,’ you can probably gauge that I was in a weird place. You might have wondered what the final straw was that pushed me to make that decision or perhaps that’s presumptuous and you clicked straight out of it. Well, here is my reasoning in all it's honesty. A fortune teller told me to quit my job….I wish I was kidding. It sounds like a lame excuse a child would make like, “a dog ate my homework,” the sad thing being if a dog actually did eat their homework no one would believe them.

Living in Glebe, the inner-west of Sydney, there are many natural-based and alternative shops around. One in particular always has a chalk sign outside the shop advertising their psychics. For about a year I had always been curious but continued to walk past, however that day I was feeling particularly existential and decided to give it a whirl. I thought it would be nice to take the pressure of deciding my future for a change by opening it up to divine intervention. “Lord take the wheel!” I told myself as I sat in the waiting room with a herbal tea in hand waiting for the psychic to tell me what to do next.

An eerie yet comforting presence arriving before her, a tall, dark haired woman around fifty or so came out to greet me. I continued to drink my tea as she led me down a flight of stairs and into a small white room that housed a simple two-seated table and tarot cards. Being an astrologer she asked for my birth date and exact time of birth, I didn’t know the later and neither did my mother whose texted reply was “oh honey I don’t know, I was delirious after being in labour for hours and a c-section.”

The psychic told me it didn’t really matter, although it can make the reading more accurate. This didn't phase me, after-all I would take whatever she said with a grain of salt. She asked me to shuffle the deck, then after examining them she said that I had reached a point that was no longer sustainable. I had a new life, one that was waiting for me but the time to action it was now. “As we grow older opportunities shrink, you’re young now and they are in abundance. People who’re creative and don’t take risks can often become bitter with age, resenting the young and brave. The choice is yours” she said.

“Fuck me!” I thought, “I don’t want to be a bitter old hag.” In all truth I knew subconsciously I needed to resign, I just didn’t have the courage. It was the first time I had considered it could be an opportunity rather than a loss. The only thing that burdened me was the thought of what I would do next, and better yet how would I survive in the city while I figured that out without an income. To be honest I was so directionless at that stage the psychic could have told me she saw me cooking and I would have enrolled in culinary school to be a chef. The next day I resigned from my job, That same day I received the email below from an anonymous sender,

I was resolute that it was the right decision, however that doesn't mean I wasn't scared shit-less. It didn't matter that it could have been spam, it was exactly what I needed to hear at that time. The strangest thing was only two people in the entire organisation knew that I had resigned, I hadn’t even told family and friends.

After resigning from my job with no financial safety blanket, I decided to hit pause on the question of ‘what next,’ throwing peace signs up I boarded a plane instead. When I returned home from Costa Rica a few months later, I went to see another psychic with my roommate. Riding high off the last one I was thinking, “Okay I quit my job, now what? Cause these bills are coming in hot!” As I sat down in the familiar white room, the psychic asked for my birth details and then to shuffle the cards just had the one before him. After spreading them out on the table he paused for a moment then looking at me intently he asked, “what’re you running from?”.


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